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-holanio&Matteiru Staff

Release! <3

Hello people~ I’m Eruppun from the editing department. Alright, so the first batch release is the final main chapter of Mashikaku Rock! (>.<) and of course, the credit also goes to the team from the Shoujo Crusade ! yay yay~ Because this chapter is the final main one, we want to release it as fast as we could <3

The manga is beautifully ended~! I was so happy to edit this chapter *sobs* I was on high speed while working this, so I hope there is mistake or anything like that .__.

Anyway~ enjoy our Matteiru release :3

<3 <3 <3 look forward for the rest of the batch release (maybe tomorrow, or day after tomorrow, check it later~!)

(3/17) Mashikaku Rock 3: Mediafire || 4shared
(3/18) Kanpeki Kareshi Kanojo 4: Mediafire || 4shared
(3/19) Love Com TWO: Honey Going: Mediafire || 4shared
(3/20) Mairunovich 14: Mediafire || 4shared

P.S. Happy St. Patricks Day :’D We hoped you liked all of our releases this month! Look forward to all the stuff we’re going to release in April ^^ Leave some comments for the people who worked so hard on these releases!! They deserve it! -holanio

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, all!  And nice to meet you, I suppose–I’m Nyreem, a new scanner/translator at Matteiru.  I’m super-excited to be working with the staff and helping to bring you lots of exciting releases!  You may bribe me by offering sacrifices of, well, really any Valentine’s Day chocolate will suffice.  Cookies and cakes are also acceptable.

So, may I humbly present Chapter 13 of Mairunovich, the 3rd story from Love Com TWO and Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi 24 with our friends at Coyomoose.  We hope you enjoy it.

…Wait, didn’t I say “lots of exciting releases”?  Hmm…  Guess you’ll have to check back tomorrow and see!

(2/14) Mairunovich 13: 4shared || MediaFire
(2/15) Love Com TWO Story 3: 4shared || MediaFire
(2/16) Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi 24: 4shared || MediaFire
(2/17) Sugars 6: 4shared || MediaFire

Extra Note from holanio: Hooray! I’ve fully disappointed all of you!! I mean, enjoy Sugars you small handful of folks that like it :’D <3 We like this batch release business, so until we meet again next month (or maybe sooner if they’re joint projects and if you join us in the forums for funtastic spoilers)~ You guys really should offer some cookies and cakes to Nyreem, you wouldn’t have any of these releases (‘cept KKH and LC2) without her.


Why hello there! Hana here making my (notreally)official debut! Haha. Well this is more of a spoiler-teaser type to get you guys hyped up about our releases, yeah?

I was looking around in the Mairunovich raws (because I love spoiling myself like that) along with holanio and souka, and we discovered something lovely. And so, practicing my lovely nub cleaning skills and hola-chin’s fantastic typesetting, we present:


//evil laugh.

Now get pumped up for the next release! Don’t you guys love it? You’ll be seeing us soon! Don’t forget, join in our forums and see the madness that happens there. Or well, soon-to-be madness I should say. And check it out, we have little spoilers for you people out there who love spoilers, too (;

Another note: We’re still recruiting translators, editors (cleaners and typesetters), as well as quality checkers! Proofreading is now closed since we have a sufficient enough of volunteers. Thank you for all those who have applied so far, we’re going through applications as fast as we can (: